Ortho Clear Self Curing

$32.80 - $36.45


Ortho Clear Self Curing is used for build-up and salt & pepper techniques.

Less fluid than Clear Self Curing.

Use with Clear Self Curing Monomer(blue tinted) for best results.

Concentrated Ortho Monomer will give pink color.

1 LB comes with 235mL monomer

6 Lbs comes with 1-940mL & 1-470mL monomer

25 Lbs comes with 6-940mL monomer

 Monomer MUST be shipped ground only.


Call for Bulk pricing options. 1-800-537-4253

SDS Powder

SDS Clear Self Curing Monomer

SDS Self Curing Monomer

SDS Concentrated Ortho Monomer

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